Festival IGLOO-2022 "Eskimo Town"

We are waiting you in 2022 at February 12!

We invite everyone in Novosibirsk to the annual winter festival - Igloo 2022 "Eskimo Town"!

The program includes competitions in the construction of Igloo, master classes in the construction of Igloo.

Want revenge from last year? Or maybe you will call colleagues to the snow bricks battle?

And of course, come with families, with friends and try your skills at building an Igloo! This is exciting and interesting.

The place is traditional - in Russia at heart of Siberia - Novosibirsk city. At Ob shore - Chemsky Bor (station) or PKiO At the Ob Sea (station), on the Ob Sea.

Participation is free, and the prizes are real!

Call your friends, gather teams, train and win!

The program of the event for February 12, 2022:

Competitions of amateur teams in the construction of an igloo:

11-00 - 11-50 - on-site registration (it is advisable to register in advance using the link below)

11-50 - 12-00 - the organizers welcome speech

12-00 - 16-00 - the construction of the Igloo

16-00 - 17-00 - competition for the Most Beautiful Igloo, for the best outfit, inspection of the snowy town

17-00 - rewarding of the winners.

- A master class for spectators and construction assistance to beginner teams (from 11-00 to 17-00)

- Overnight teams in snow shelters

- Photoshoot with an igloo for everyone (from 15-00)

Brief questions:

-I don’t have a team - can you help?

Sure! Come - we will help everyone who can find and unite 3-4 people for construction without a team!

- Can I just stare / photograph?

- Of course you can. Come over. If you are a professional photographer, then we can offer you:

February 12: shooting competitions and snow construction;

February 12-13: night shooting with natural and artificial lighting (we will provide 2-3 needles for light experiments)

February 12: shooting of the finished Eskimo settlement without participants (from 7 to 9 in the morning, then the residents appear by themselves)