Instruction. How to build an igloo?


  • Saw (2-3 pcs)

  • Peg - for example, a ski pole

  • Rope (1.5-2 m)

  • Warm clothes, preferably waterproof

  • Warm high shoes


Identify an area of hard-packed snow, checking the density of the surface under the snow with a saw. This place we names a quarry for blocks

In the center of the proposed igloo set a peg with a rope tied to it near the ground. It is better for beginners to make a circle with a radius of R = 1.1-1.25 m, no more


First, you have to make a long trench. Then cut out blocks from the side of it, making cuts along the perimeter and from the bottom. Gently pry the block from below with a saw to lift it. Try to make the blocks large and the same, we recommend using a template, for example, from cardboard, this will make the task much easier, especially if children will work with the saw. The block size is 60:40 cm (if the block is too big, you can reduce it while keeping the proportion 3:2).


Lay out the first row of snow blocks, controlling the circle with a rope tied to a peg. Do not forget to tilt the blocks inward by 20-25 degrees.


Cut-off a portion of first row to have a slope, thus letting it have an upward spiral shape. Right-handers cut clockwise, left-handers - vice versa (the image shows a right-handed version). The cut must be at an angle with the saw pointing towards the center of the base.


Each block must rest on 3 points A, B, C. First, the block is placed on the edge A-B, and tilted until it rests on the corner "C". If necessary, the edge B-C is filed. The right block has the form of a trapezoid in two projections. Blocks should overlap the bottom row, like bricks in masonry.

Each subsequent tier is laid with an inclination of 5-10 degrees.

All faces and planes are directed towards the center, this will ensure the trapezoid shape of the block.


When laying the upper tier, it is necessary to achieve the tightest possible fit of the blocks with a saw. After that, there will be a hole in the middle. You need to push the last block from the inside through it and, holding it in the air, cut it with a saw along the contour until it docks with the walls.


When it becomes inconvenient to pass the blocks inward over the walls, you can cut out the entrance, at part of wall where the largest blocks. Do not disturb the masonry! And now you can serve bricks through the entrance. Outside and inside, you should fill the joints. No punches! Otherwise, you can destroy igloo. Clear the path to the entrance, make an entrance tunnel and you can celebrate a housewarming party!

Full size igloo building instructions file

Additional building materials